Issue two est arrive

Well, issue two is out this week and lovely fresh copies are landing on the mats of independent wine merchants everywhere. If yours hasn’t arrived yet, or you aren’t an independent wine merchant, do not despair. You can read every word of it here, without risking a paper cut.

Loads of suppliers in this issue, all of them offering something enticing for the indies sector. Raymond Reynolds, Negociants UK, Seckford Agencies, Vintage Roots, Source Wines, CyT UK, Louis Latour Agencies, Cellar Trends, Clink, Maisons Marques et Domaines, Emporia Brands, Forth Wines and Stevens Garnier … they’re all in there.

We’ve also got a profile of Vino, one of Scotland’s most progressive wine merchants; columns by David Williams and Jason Yapp; and a two-page special on Portugal and the opportunity it offers independents.

There’s news of a plan for a huge new buying group, an intriguing experiment involving Forth Wines and Bill Rolfe’s Market Square Food & Wine Company, new product reviews, and updates on store openings and closures. (Not that many closures, actually. This is a sector that keeps on expanding, which is why this month’s mailing is even bigger than it was for issue one.)

Enjoy, and as always your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Graham Holter

Utrem: a new buying group for independents

Editor’s note: this column, originally intended for issue two of The Wine Merchant, is written by Paddy Eyres, owner of Bin 21. The front page of the magazine summarises what Paddy is trying to set up, but here he explains it in more detail, and in his own words. His contact details are included.

The bigger the business the better the buying power. True?

Well, not always. Small businesses have been getting together to increase buying power for decades in different ways. Co-operative organisations work together for the small business and buying groups such as “Euronics” work with independent electrical retailers, “Best Western Hotels” work with independent hotel owners and the list goes on.

However there is no national buying group that works with independent wine merchants and quality off-licences to build beneficial relationships with suppliers.

Why? Good question. I couldn’t answer it, so I made a decision … start one!

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