Issue three now available online

The third issue of The Wine Merchant is now available here. It’s packed with bits and bobs and thingies and whatnots, including a profile of New Forest Wines, a lovely column by David Williams, new product reviews, a piece on German Riesling, updates on independents that are opening and expanding, and some thought-provoking pieces from Doug Wregg and Anthony Borges.

We have previews of The Definitive Italian Wine Tasting and both natural wine fairs, and a two-page Business Builder on wine preservation systems.

There are also updates in the Supplier Bulletin section from CyT, Clink, Maisons Marques et Domaines, Emporia Brands, Patriarche, Bibendum, Stratford’s, Las Bodegas, HispaMerchants, Negociants UK, Raymond Reynolds and Hatch Mansfield.

The printed versions were mailed out last week, made of actual paper, ink and staples. But we know some of you prefer pixels, so this is our gift to you.

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