August edition is now online

What happens when a Majestic arrives on your doorstep? In the August edition of The Wine Merchant, we find out. Five independents who know what it’s like to compete with a rather large and unwelcome neighbour tell their stories. It’s nowhere near as grisly as it sounds.

Also in our fifth issue: a close encounter with Gerry’s of Soho, a fresh look at Chablis, David Williams tracks down David Berry Green in Barolo, and a field trip report from Chile’s recent Pequenas tasting in London.

Plus there’s all the news about comings and goings in the independent sector (mostly comings, to be fair), the usual talking points and tittle tattle, wine reviews, a rather blunt assessment of the London wine fair, and another chance to claim some fantastic wines from the Loire. For free.

As usual we have updates from leading suppliers to the independent sector in our Supplier Bulletin section. There’s more free wine on offer there, but we’re not going to tell you where. Have a read through and you’ll find it.

That’s enough bragging and bold type. Enjoy the magazine, and thanks for your support.

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