Issue 7: welcome to the autumn, and to better things

OK, let’s admit it: August was bloody awful. NobodyImage in the wine trade is saying any different. The population of Great Britain hid indoors, watched the Olympics on TV, and apparently got its alcoholic kicks by fermenting old fruit and bits of carpet. No one was buying any wine, that’s for sure.

But the wine trade is populated by optimists and we enter the autumn months safe in the knowledge that the track and field event in Newham is over, it’s no longer possible to be disappointed by the weather, and wine racks up and down the land are running perilously close to empty. Sometime soon people are going to be pressing their noses against wine shop windows once more, and drooling.

Where do we fit in? Well, it just so happens that issue seven is now with us, and it’s determined to pretend that August never happened. Positive vibes fairly ooze out of every page.

As usual there’s too much going on to summarise here in detail. You know the score: talking points galore, new shop openings, wine reviews, diary dates, that David Williams guy, updates from indie-loving suppliers and business building advice.

Our merchant profile is No2 Pound Street, a superb young business in Buckinghamshire that combines delicatessen and wine sales in a concept its owners like to call “social shopping”. We’ve also got features on South Africa, which is making some of the most exciting white wines, and Croatia – touted by many as the next big thing.

Forget the recession. Stop watching Newsnight. Autumn is here and Britain is thirsty. Places, everyone!

Graham Holter

Editor and Head of Propaganda