No free copy? Why not subscribe?

Let’s be absolutely clear: The Wine Merchant goes out free of charge. It always will go out free of charge. People have offered to pay (genuinely) and we’ve always said no. If you own a specialist independent wine merchant, operating from a shop, you’re on the list.

The online version of the magazine is also free. It will always be free, even if someone explains to us how to build a paywall. Anyone can access it, from anywhere in the world, and they do. (Hello, United Arab Emirates!)

But. There are some people who would like their own printed copy of the magazine, who don’t run shops. We’ve politely declined their requests, but not any more. For just £30 a year, you can now subscribe to The Wine Merchant, which means 11 issues will be mailed to a UK address of your choice.

Subscriptions for Europe are priced at £60 and the rest of the world at £68.50.

Simply email your name and address information to us and we’ll send you the bank details you need.

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