Issue 11: the latest news from the world of art, jazz, and cakes

The sun is shining, the clouds are clearing, and the temperature is above freezing. Yes, it must be summer. Enjoy it while you can – before you know it, we’ll be in June, the official beginning of the rainy season, and you’ll look back on these balmy days with affection and perhaps a little regret.

Wine Merchant issue 11 front pageDid you realise that issue 11 of The Wine Merchant has now been published? The digital edition is free, to all ages, races and creeds. This month we’re off to Tenterden to explore the wonderful Liquid Pleasure store run by Ian Florey; we report on new independents in Northampton (yes, honestly) and St Andrews (yes, another one); we review the pick of this month’s wines; and discuss a new wine preservation system which could save retailers a lot of money.

David Williams ponders what would happen if a well-known wine merchant sold out to Tesco, while Jonathan Richards of Best Cellars in Ashburton makes a heartfelt plea for an overhaul of the licensing system. We preview all the upcoming tasting events, have a few words with Emporia boss James Rackham, and ask Symposium Wines boss Henry Breeze about the things that get him excited.

On top of that, Reserve Wines owner Kate Goodman, the new presenter of Food & Drink, tells us why she has no intention of trying to be the new Jilly Goolden.

There are also a few responses to last month’s criticism of the WSET Diploma, including two thoughtful pages from David Wrigley MW of that august organisation.

And we really do have news from the world of art, jazz and cakes. We don’t joke about such things.

Graham Holter

Vice President, Northern Hemisphere

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