Wine Merchants’ Day: get involved

Plans are being drawn up for the first national Wine Merchants’ Day to raise the profile of quality independents.

The project takes its inspiration from Record Store Day, which has achieved widespread publicity for independent music retailers in the USA and the UK.

In April, Record Store Day was marked by a number of exclusive record releases for participating shops, as well as performances in stores by leading artists. The day received sustained advance media coverage.

Graham Holterpage 1 issue 14, editor of The Wine Merchant, and wine writer David Williams are creating a steering group to gauge trade support for the plans and to discuss what form the day could take. It is hoped that the project will involve an informal network of independent retailers, UK-based wine suppliers, marketers and journalists.

Holter said: “The reason Record Store Day works is that the retailers involved have a deep-rooted enthusiasm for what they do, and their efforts are appreciated by a sizeable niche of music consumers. There are obvious parallels with wine shops.

“Also, Record Store Day has stayed true to its roots and hasn’t become corporate in the way it’s organised. Although we’re open to ideas about how Wine Merchants’ Day could pan out, we need to avoid going too commercial. Our intention is to make this a not-for-profit venture, with any revenue ploughed into marketing.”

Anyone who is interested in taking part in the steering group, or who has any comments or ideas to contribute, can contact

  • Read more about the plans, and all kinds of other interesting stuff, in the latest issue.

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