Forty-five independents in issue 42

The Wine Merchant issue 42We talk to independent merchants all the time. We visit their shops, we bump into them at tastings, we travel with them to wine regions, we invite them to lunch, we chatter on Twitter, and we speak on the phone (until we hear that tell-tale beep of their shop door opening).

So it’s perfectly normal to pick up a new issue of The Wine Merchant and read comments from these independents – some in the form of full-scale interviews, some in snappier soundbites. But we thought there was something different about the November issue. Maybe we’re getting nosier, or retailers are getting more talkative, but we seemed to have spoken to an awful lot of independents in the process of putting issue 42 together.

A quick count-up reveals that 45 independent merchants are quoted, in some shape or form, in the new issue. We’re quite pleased with that. The only way a magazine like ours can meet the needs of its readership is to actually talk to those readers, as often as time permits and in as many situations as possible.

So thanks to all the independents who made time for us over the past month or two, giving us insights into their businesses and venturing opinions and ideas that will interest and inspire other merchants. The Wine Merchant is your magazine and we couldn’t make it without you.

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