A world of choice

You could probably run a pretty impressive wine shop purely specialising in wines from New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Hungary and Virginia.

The new issue of The Wine Merchant should whet the appetite of any merchant with an interest in any of those categories.

Wines of Brasil and New Zealand Winegrowers are launching two fantastic competitions to win trips to their vineyards – full details inside.

We also take a look at what Hungary is now offering, and it’s light years away from the stuff we tended to avoid 10 to 20 years ago. The Hungarians are really getting to grips with their native varieties and the wines our small group of indies tasted last month got glowing reviThe Wine Merchant issue 48ews.

Virginia, meanwhile, goes on making increasingly impressive Bordeaux blends as well as stunning Viognier, Cab Franc and Petit Verdot (to name just three of its hallmark varietals) and is expressing its terroir in a way that’s more European than North American, but without slavishly following an Old World template.

As for Australia … we all know it fell off its perch a while ago. But the best stuff is pretty damn impressive and there are independents who do great business with its wines. Just as England’s cricketers and rugby players will tell you: never underestimate the Aussies. They like nothing so much as winning.

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