Kenrick’s name is above the door

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Kenrick Bush opened his new Fulham shop, Kenrick’s, in August.

Following his collaborations at BoB Wines in Bromley and Urban Cellar in Crystal Palace, Bush is happy to be the star of his own show, with his name above the door.

“It has always been my ambition to have my own wine shop,” says Bush. “With BoB I was one of a group of people and with Urban Cellar it was 50-50. I am a creative person and have this energy and I want to go ahead full on and do what I believe is right for a wine shop.”

The new shop, fitted out by a friend who is a set designer, is large enough to incorporate a dedicated tasting room.

“You have to be different to be noticed,” says Bush, a Frenchman originally from Paris, “and I was looking for colours and ideas that were different. Wine is about conviviality and I wanted to bring life and theatre to the shop.”

Bush is currently working with a range of wine suppliers including Alliance and Boutinot.

“I am looking for wines with a bit of a story, wines that will please the natural wine drinkers as well as the more traditional wine drinkers,” he says.

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