The Wine Merchant was launched in March 2012. It’s the first trade magazine aimed solely at independent wine retailers.

The magazine goes out free of charge to the 744(ish) people who run the 918(ish) specialist wine shops in the UK. Why “ish”? Simply because the exact numbers change all the time, and we intend to make sure The Wine Merchant is always mailed to the right people.

We’ve also included about 200 suppliers, marketing people and generic organisations on our free list, but only if we think they have a genuine connection with the independent sector. The print run is just over 1,200. By all means contact us if you think you should be on this list, but bear in mind there’s a digital version of the magazine that’s available to everybody.

Unfortunately, we can’t extend this list indefinitely. We’re not in a numbers game: we keep our advertising costs incredibly low by ensuring our production costs are minimised, and that means focusing on a clearly-defined group of readers, dominated by retailers with the ability to make buying decisions.

The magazine is edited and published by me, Graham Holter, with a little help from my friends. It’s not supposed to be a round-up of all the wine news in the world – we know our readers will already be piecing this together from the magazines, news sources and blogs they currently read.

Instead, we aim to be a source of information, inspiration and conversation. A lively commentary section discusses some of the key issues facing the independent sector; there are also in-depth retailer profiles, business building features, product reviews, country profiles, and a column by Observer wine critic David Williams.

At the heart of the magazine is the Supplier Bulletin section: a unique space where retailers can find monthly updates from agents and importers. This is the real engine room of the magazine, flagging up new arrivals, special offers and promotional support that’s available to existing and prospective customers.

An independent magazine, for independents.