CellarDine competition

Wine £200 worth of wine innovations


Retailing for £9.99, Therm au Rouge gently takes a cold bottle of red wine to the correct serving temperature in five minutes. It’s become one of the company’s best-selling lines, with over 2.2 million sold in the UK. It is now distributed in more than 20 countries: it is listed by retailers including Waitrose, Lakeland and Harrods.


Described by CellarDine as a worldwide first in wine preservation, ZOS removes 100% of the oxygen, so bottles can be opened and resealed with the contents staying fresh for two months. There’s no gas injection or pumping action: just insert the cartridge into the wine stopper, place into the bottle and leave upright until required. ZOS retails for £49.99.

wake up wine decanter

This newly-launched device has been developed in Sonoma to aerate and breathe red wine in minutes. Retailing for £129.99, it’s already captured the imagination of leading sommeliers. Simply pour the wine into the vessel, set the decanting time and enjoy a glass of perfectly aerated wine.

Chillcore 3 in 1

A revolutionary new product designed to actively chill bottles in minutes, staying cold for up to two hours, it will also pour effortlessly and preserve unfinished wine bottles. Perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining, the device retails at £19.99.

Caddyo bottle chiller

CaddyO has been designed to chill warm bottles in minutes, keeping them cold for up to nine hours, with the help of a unique cooling gel. Simply store the cylinder in the freezer for a minimum of four hours and place the cylinder inside the neoprene cover. Retailing at £29.99, it fits all 75cl and 1-litre bottles.

ROUGE 02 electronic wine breather

The Rouge O2 wine breather is designed to speed up the normally lengthy process of aerating and breathing red wine. Its patented and tested formula reduces breathing time from one hour to under a minute. It retails at £19.99.

The CellarDine story

CellarDine was set up by Peter Dunne, who had a long career in retail before joining a Dutch kitchenware supplier.

Spotting a gap in the market for a device that could gently warm red wines to drinking temperature, he invested £50,000 of his own money in designing and patenting the Therm au Rouge sleeve, bringing it to market in 1999.

It provided the springboard for a business that now encompasses a broad range of wine accessories, which have enjoyed wide press coverage. “Our business was set up to create genuine innovation and provide products that are original, functional and affordable,” says Dunne.

“Our depth of range now covers what we call the ‘complete wine story’: opening, pouring, chilling, warming, breathing and preservation.

“We are also on a mission to help the public understand more about the basics of wine. We teamed up with David Rowledge at Alchemy Wines, a great business to work with, and produced a free wine tips booklet that we give away at our store events. It’s also free to download on our website, http://www.cellardine.co.uk.”

For further information please contact CellarDine on sales@cellardine.co.uk or telephone 01256 345560.

Here’s how to enter the competition

Win a Wake Up Wine decanter, a CaddyO bottle chiller, ChillCore 3 in 1 and a Rouge O2 wine breather worth just under £200 at retail prices.

To enter the prize draw, simply answer the following question:

In which American state was the Wake Up Wine decanter developed?

Send your answer to claire@winemerchantmag.com. A correct entry will be drawn at random and the winner will be sent their prizes by CellarDine.

The competition is only open to independent wine merchants in the UK. One entry per business. The winner will be notified by email and announced on social media. Please contact us for further T&Cs.