Location: Falmouth, Cornwall


Two EuroCave Pure wine fridges. Sold separately or as a pair

 Colour: Black

Condition: Excellent. Purchased in 2018. They’ve never been moved and are pretty much “as new.”

Price: £3,200 each or £6,000 for the pair ONO (they cost £10,000 new)

Store, bring to room temperature, cool, and benefit from an interior layout as close as possible to your needs.

This wine cabinet has three separate compartments to store Champagne, red, white and rosé wine.

With a high level of customisation possible, it also allows you to select the finishes and storage that best meet your requirements. Each type of wine must be served at a specific temperature to reveal all its flavours. The three temperature zones provide the perfect conditions for storing and bringing out the unique flavours of your wine.One central zone for storing and maturing wine (ideal temperature 12°C), one chilling zone at the bottom for rosé, white wine and Champagne and one top compartment for bringing red wine to room temperature (from 15-22°C).

Access to the contents of your wine cabinet is secured by a dual action lock.

Alarms protect your wine in the event of the door being left open, sensor or temperature fault, humidity level abnormally low or high. The visual alarm tells you when it is time to replace your charcoal filter.

Manage your wine cabinet with the touch control panel (LCD screen).

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