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Gaia Wines – explore in depth Greek varieties

Nemea PDO, Peloponnese PGI

31st August 2022

Gaia Wines was founded in 1994 by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos (Agriculturalist and PhD in Enology from the University of Bordeaux II) and Leon Karatsalos (Agriculturalist).

Both of them are the ideal examples of the Greek mindset of traveling and gaining knowledge and experience – characteristics transmitted to the production of their wines- aiming to offer to all the wine lovers worldwide, the best possible result in their own way.

Today, Gaia Wines own two modern wineries that are located in two of the most promising P.D.O. regions of Greece. Gaia΄s goal has been and remains today to expand and highlight the quality characteristics of the native Greek grape varieties like Agiorgitiko and Assyrtiko and to achieve their recognition in international markets. With consistency being the guide of its people and dedication to quality, adhering to the highest standards of service, Gaia’s Wines are exported to 25 countries of the world: from Japan to America, and from the Scandinavian countries to Australia. The continuously increasing exports and the 150 awards demonstrate the big visions of Gaia Wines people. The journey continues, nourishing their eagerness to learn and live new experiences.

“Our basic option was to install our wineries in the two most important wine-growing regions of Greece, and to produce competitive wines of high quality standards.” says Yiannis Paraskevopoulos while Leon Karatsalos explains “We expected people reading the labels of Gaia Wines to understand the idea which was our driving force, and always remains the same: to explore in depth the boundaries of the Greek varieties, focusing on Agiorgitiko and Assyrtiko, making them well -known all over the world.”

In Nemea, particularly, where they produce wines under the denomination Nemea P.D.O. and Peloponnese P.G.I., the winery, a contemporary, industrial building with magnificent views, was built in 1997 at the heart of the private vineyard in Koutsi, at an altitude of 550m. The soil of the vineyards chalky, with good drainage and the cool temperatures of the climate in the area offer lower yield and better quality grapes than other vineyards of the region making it possible for Gaia’s winemakers team to manage every step of the winemaking process to succeed in producing only top quality wines.

Monograph Assyrtiko, Peloponnese PGI

Assyrtiko traveled across the country. And it did so well, from the Greek north to the south that, suddenly, we saw a completely different Assyrtiko being born through this wandering. Beautiful wines, with refreshing acidity and intense fruity aromas – citrus and other, more tropical and more plethoric – comprise a character entirely different and lighter than that of its islandic ancestors.

Gaia Wines – explore in depth Greek varieties

Monograph Assyrtiko captures a multileveled manner, which can be achieved with this Greek variety, when it is cultivated with knowledge and persistence, on the semi-mountainous calciferous soils of Koutsi, Nemea. A Youthful Assyrtiko, friendly and refreshing, which can be enjoyed just as much with fine seafood, or on its own, unchaperoned; or perhaps just with good company…