Lobby your MP about chaotic duty plans

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Independent wine merchants are being encouraged to write to their MPs and explain the damage that changes to wine duty will have on the industry.

Although the official consultation period ended at the end of January, it’s hoped that Treasury ministers will listen to the concerns of colleagues whose constituents are flagging up the chaos and expense that the tiered duty system will involve.

A template letter has been produced by the Wine & Spirit Trade Association, which can be downloaded here.

The letter points out that “the wine sector is the only drinks category that faces an overall increase in duty – some £250 million – under the government’s proposals, and wines at the higher permitted ABV face an increase in duty of 30%”.

It adds that the government “appears not to understand [the plans] will be complicated, costly and impractical for my business”, increasing “exactly the sort of red tape the government claimed Brexit would help British businesses to leave behind”.

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