Organic wines sales set to increase

Organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan wines were all expected to see a sales increase this year

Organic wine is big business, and likely to get bigger. Almost eight out of 10 independent merchants believe their organic sales will increase this year.

Sure, that figure was recorded in a reader survey that took place before Covid-19 started stalking Britain’s high streets. Buying habits have been disrupted in ways that we can’t fully make sense of just yet. But it seems unlikely that the category will be among the coronavirus casualties.

The momentum has been building for some time. In our 2019 reader survey, 45% of respondents described demand for organic (and biodynamic) wines as “very” or “fairly strong”.

We refined the question in 2020, and angled it towards expected sales increases rather than existing demand. Vegan, organic and organic wines are all tipped for an uplift this year. Even natural wine – a category that isn’t represented in all merchants, and tends to divide opinion – is expected to do better this year than in 2019.

According to a Soil Association report published earlier this year, organic produce as a whole will be worth £2.5bn at retail value by the end of 2020, with wine described as the “big winner”. Every week, it’s been calculated, more than £1m is spent on organic wine.

June 2020