Q&A: Kate Goodman, Reserve Wines


Born in 1974, Kate Goodman established Reserve Wines in 2003, starting with a shop in West Didsbury. Her early YouTube appearances were noticed by the BBC and earned her a slot as Good Food’s resident wine expert, but her focus is firmly on her business, which now has six sites across Greater Manchester.


What’s the first wine you remember drinking?
My dad was given a bottle of Gevrey-Chambertin. We drank it on Christmas Day and he served it with great pride; I can still remember how excited we were to share it. Neither of us had ever tasted anything like it and we were blown away. I knew it was the start of something for me.

What job would you be doing if you weren’t in the wine trade?
I always fancied being a diplomat. I think I had a romantic image of travelling, speaking different languages and fancy reception parties. In reality, I’m not good in long meetings, I probably talk too much and am too impatient.

How do you relax?
I love aperitif time of the day, sitting with family or friends, a negroni in hand and some good wine and food to follow. I love a good training session or some competitive sport. It’s a good way of clearing the mind.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?
Still Life by Sarah Winman, a beautiful, descriptive book about love, friendship and family, amongst other things.

Give us a Netflix recommendation.
I enjoyed Black Mirror and Queen’s Gambit. My daughter and I watched the teen series Atypical: it enabled us to inadvertently acknowledge some tricky subjects.

Do you have any sporting loyalties?
I have great admiration for our local football club, Altrincham FC. My daughter plays for them and they’ve created a brilliant set-up for girls; they are also very supportive of community activity. The kids love going as you’re almost on the pitch and there’s a great atmosphere. So inspiring that I’ve started playing social football with them. I also love Roger Federer.

Who’s your favourite music artist?
Too difficult to say. I like all sorts, and I am a bit of a closet Lionel Richie fan.

Any superstitions?
Magpies, walking under ladders, find a penny, no umbrellas inside or shoes on table … you name it, I’m superstitious! I need to have a serious word with myself at times. I know it’s ridiculous.

Who’s your favourite wine critic?
My go-to when I’m researching anything is Jancis Robinson. I’ve worked a few times with Oz Clarke: his enthusiasm, energy and knowledge are second to none. I’ve always enjoyed reading Matt Walls’s work too.

What’s your proudest moment?
My business is 20 years old this year and I’m quite proud of creating and running a healthy company for that amount of time.

What’s your biggest regret?
I wish I had had the opportunity to learn to ski when I was young, when I wasn’t worried about breaking bones, as it would have saved me a lot of pain (physically and mentally). I would have liked to have spent a year working at a winery … but I guess there’s still time for that.

Who’s your hero?
My parents. Hardworking, honest, good senses of humour and unfailingly supportive.

Any hidden talents?
I consider myself a jack of all trades, master of none. My husband says I’m good with people and the best audience because I laugh at everything.

What’s your favourite place in the UK?
When we were kids we always went to Devon or Cornwall for our holidays because we all loved surfing, so I am very fond of that part of the country. I also spent a lot of time in Whitley Bay as it’s my mum’s hometown and it holds a lot of precious memories. I love to breathe in the sea air.

If we could grant you one wish …
For my nearest and dearest to live long, healthy and fulfilled lives.

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