The Wine Merchant is mailed out free of charge to the owners of specialist independent wine merchants, and that will always be the case. We won’t charge a penny.

We’ll also continue to offer a free online version of the magazine to anybody who wants to access it. No fees, no registration.

If you run a specialist independent wine shop in the UK and aren’t currently receiving a print version of the magazine, please let us know and we’ll add you to the list. We try to keep up to speed with all new openings but occasionally people slip through the net.

If you don’t qualify for a free copy, and want your own copy of the printed version of the magazine, you can now subscribe.

Annual subscriptions (11 copies) are just £30, to UK addresses. Just email your name and address and we’ll send you the bank details you need to make your payment.

Subscriptions for Europe are priced at £60 and the rest of the world at £68.50.



The Wine Merchant Bulletin is our occasional email newsletter, which we use to promote the various trips and events we organise throughout the year and to highlight news we think readers need to know about in between publication dates for the magazine.

Anyone can sign up. Click here to enter your details and you’ll be included in all future mailings.

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