Wolf Wine to rise from the ashes


Wolf Wine’s shop in Bath, The Cabin, and its adjacent bar, The Shrine, were destroyed by a fire in late April.

The wooden trader cabins at the Green Park Station site remain unsafe for the team to return and salvage anything. The company’s Angus Perkins says: “At the moment, police and fire services have ruled it an accident. With a normal building fire you would be able to find evidence of an accelerant very quickly, but with a wooden structure, it’s much harder because the whole lot is so flammable.”

Happily, the business continues to trade. “We’re a wholesaler first and foremost,” Perkins says, “and we’ve got some subterranean warehousing where we keep the majority of our stock, and we can send wine out and operate online from there.

“We have also been offered a small retail space by one of our local accounts, so we will be doing a pop up about three days a week, which is just lovely.”

Perkins says that definitive answers on insurance matters are tricky, due to the slightly complicated hierarchy of landlords. Wolf Wine is a tenant of Ethical Property which sublets the trader cabins on behalf of Sainsbury’s, the leaseholder of the wider Green Park Station site.

While they wait for the information to filter through, the team remain positive and have established a fundraiser page to help get the business back on track. They swiftly relocated their scheduled tastings and events, and retail pop-ups are in the bag.

“No one was hurt, and we’re lucky because we have other revenue streams and we’ve all still got our jobs,” says Perkins. “I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think we’re sort of cautiously optimistic. The support has been insane, which is marvellous.”

The Fire Fund is at gofundme.com.

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