Write to your MP

Write to your MP

Our politicians need to know what’s at stake for the wine trade

As things stand, Brexit is likely to play havoc for wine merchants. And independents will be hit particularly hard.

The introduction of VI-1 forms will create a costly admin burden for EU wine producers that could work out at €400 per wine they ship to the UK.

Every bottle that arrives here will need to be labelled with the name of the importer, even if it’s a tiny independent merchant. There will also be tariffs on EU wines, putting even more pressure on prices.

After January 1 next year, there’s a real danger that the independent trade will be selling a drastically reduced selection of wines, at higher prices than many consumers are willing to pay.

We need to write to our MPs now to have any chance of avoiding this catastrophe. Download the WSTA’s template letter here and adapt it as you think necessary.