Editorial Policy

We aim to be a source of information, inspiration and conversation for independent wine retailers.

We define this group as retailers with fewer than 15 shops, and which have a genuine specialism in wine. They must have a public-facing retail business, but most of them go further, with thriving wholesale divisions, corporate clients and online sales.

We’re interested in news and opinion that affects this sector, but we don’t write about the supermarkets, or the big wine brands that independents tend not to stock.

We aim to be objective and honest in all our reporting, and will quickly deal with any errors that creep in. Sometimes we’ll team up with a generic body or supplier to produce sponsored editorial, but it will always be made clear when this happens. We’re not interested in fluffy advertorials – we’ll only publish these articles if we believe there is genuine merit to the piece and that it is of use to an independent reader.