Saturday Kitchen could feature indies


Saturday Kitchen is open to the idea of filming on location in independent wine shops, the show’s producer Amanda Ross has told The Wine Merchant.

Ross, who is managing director of Cactus TV, is also prepared to explore the possibility of featuring wines on the BBC1 show which are available exclusively to independents.

There has been irritation in the trade that the show seems fixated on wines sold in supermarkets and Majestic – a point articulated in this month’s issue by Dave Eglington of Wolseley Wine Loft who accuses the programme of a “complete imbalance of wine offerings”.

Speaking exclusively to The Wine Merchant, Ross explained that strict rules imposed by Ofcom and the BBC put the production team in a “an editorial and compliance straightjacket”.

But she said it could be possible for the programme’s wine experts to film inside independent shops, provided the stores could not be identified.

She added: “We’d love to embrace all those indies. We will get the wine experts to research wine matches that could be readily available in independents and identify which shops we could film in.

“I’m an independent and I would love to help other independents.



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